We are always coming up with new ideas for projects and learning from our previous ones. Here is a list of our past projects and involvements with some of our favorite snapshots!


✔) Project Valley Apples
✔) Gifts cards 2017-2018
✔) Puppy prosthetic (Falkor)
✔) Work shop Autism N,S
✔) Work shop Leadership
✔) Work shop Volunteering
✔) Public Library event
✔) First Aid and CPR
✔) Big Brothers & Sisters
✔) One Parent
✔) See the world with colors
✔) Clean beach
✔) Free Bus Tickets
✔) Sign language
✔) Body art from the heart
✔) Bright Bites Dentist CK




✔) Project Elephant Sponsoring
✔) Project Flower Day : Halifax
✔) Project Feed Nova Scotia
✔) Project Stay Warm : Halifax
✔) Project Quebec Flooding
✔) Project Fort McMurray Fire
✔) Project Wise Garden
✔) Project Chocolate Day New Year
✔) Project Fresh look - Wise Barber
✔) Project Bottle Drive
✔) Project Direction 180°
✔) Project Brunswick street mission
✔) Project Snow Removal
✔) Project Walk Dogs for Seniors
✔) Project Snow Removal
✔) Project Back to School


A World with Colours
1/12 men and 1/200 women are born with colour blindness or deficiency. We are working to help reduce the impact of these vision deficiencies by helping to fund the purchasing of EnChroma glasses. These glasses compensate to give a broad spectrum of seeable colour.

Community Kitchen
We have partnered with the Brunswick Street Mission to help provide the Mission’s visitors with a hot healthy meal. For this, we need to gather food and volunteers to cook and provide support for the visitors.​

Community Yoga
To help promote active living we have partnered with Yoga teachers across Halifax to provide free yoga group yoga sessions to the public. We hold these events in a variety of venues to fit the weather and needs of the people.

Fresh Look
First impressions are important when you walk into a job interview how you present yourself matters. But not everyone can afford to spend their money on haircuts, we have partnered with a local barber to give haircuts to those in need so they can present try and better themselves without having to worry about their appearance starting an interview off on the wrong foot.​

Community Cleanup
Household waste can be found laying on the streets, parks and beaches around Halifax. To help combat this we send volunteers out to help clean up the community to provide a safe and clean place for people and animals alike. 


Project Stay Warm
Every year we work to help keep those on the street comfortable and safe. In the winter we work to provide them with sleeping bags and winter clothing while in the spring/summer we work to provide weather resistant clothing and things to help with the heat.

Prosthetics for Pups
Working with K-9 Prosthetics and Orthotics we help provide walking aids for animals to owners who cannot afford them.

Single Parent Support
We help fundraiser for the One Parent Foundation in order to support living expenses for single-parent families and we plan on starting an initiative to start a legal fund to help them with such expenses.

Wise Camp
We are developing a summer camp for youth to learn essential skills and stay active. We plan to teach them topics from how to navigate the dangers of social media to what to do in case of events such as a fire. ​

Wise Garden
To help fulfill our projects need for food we have a vegetable garden to supplement our needs for fresh and non-canned produce, as well as educating people on healthy local eating. Your donations will go to helping us sustain and grow the garden.