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Here at Wise Group, we are always striving for ways to serve the community better. To do this we need your investment. Whether it be your time, a donation, or sharing your ideas we appreciate any contributions or feedback! If you are interested in volunteering your time or a location for events please reach out to us through email or the form on the ‘Volunteer’ tab. If you have feedback, suggestions or ideas please email us or reach out to our social media accounts below. 

Are you more of a donation person? You can click the PayPal link at the top right of our page to donate. If you or your organization may be interested in partnering with us please reach out through the ‘Sponsor Us’ tab. Anything you donate, from time to spreading the word ,helps us invest in the community.

Volunteering has its perks:

Our volunteers have a wide range of perks that comes with the satisfaction of helping the community. With our partnerships across the H.R.M, we have secured the ability to offer volunteers a discounted price to get first aid certified through the Red Cross at various levels. Volunteers also gain free attendance to our events; from sports and culture nights, to resume building and language classes, you will receive reserved seats so you can learn, play and grow. You will also gain the opportunity to network with our local partners. Seeing that Wisegroup’s connections with Halifax's Chamber of Commerce on top of our community partners, the range of people you can network with is the definition of ‘the sky’s the limit’. In addition to this, you will be able to learn the skills employers value such as public speaking, communication, and planning logistics as well as gaining volunteering hours.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers feel free to fill out this form!