Work with members in your community and make a difference

Originally, we started as a group of friends with some ideas of how to make the world a little nicer. Now we work towards this one project at a time. Starting with the brainstorming process we like to come up with creative ways to help people, animals and institutions in our community and around the world. We strive to make the world a better place and have fun while we're at it. Anyone who wants to volunteer with us is welcome to join!

Events in The Works:

Wise Talk - This is a monthly seminar we host to bring people together and inform them of what is going on in the community as well as recognizing success stories and teaching important life skills.

Community Yoga - To help promote active living we have partnered with Yoga teachers across Halifax to provide free yoga group yoga sessions to the public.

Community Kitchen - We have partnered with the Brunswick Street Mission to help provide the Mission’s visitors with a hot healthy meal. For this, we need to gather food and volunteers to cook and provide support for the visitors.

Wise Room - Wise Room is a housing initiative we have to rent out a room for free to people in need. To afford this we will rent out the room when not in use by in need patrons for funds to afford the rent to support the room.

Wise Search – We are exploring how we could assist in search an rescue efforts in the HRM. From loved ones who are flight risks to adventurers lost in the woods, we would like to support the efforts to find them. We aspire to be able to help rally volunteers to help search and be able to help cover incurred costs during the recovery of the missing persons.


Our mission is simple: We want to benefit those in need by bringing our heads together and solving problems. This includes all local issues.


We are a young organisation that is always looking for new members to join our group with great ideas. Join us for the long run or join us for a single project.



Every year we prepare a list of great and creative ideas to fulfill our yearly agenda. We have many projects on the go and we are always willing to add more projects to the list!


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To help promote active living we have partnered with Yoga teachers across Halifax to provide free yoga group yoga sessions to the public. We hold these events in a variety of venues to fit the weather and needs of the people.


Wise Group and R Studio will be offering a circuit training fundraiser! The training will be free for those who are visiting R Studio for the first time. The Rio Method Building CIrcuit is an introductory class teaching proper forms while working out. 

We will be collecting donations at the door.


To celebrate Canada Day we are hosting a Breakfast for those in need with Brunswick Street! Arriving at 5:45 we will start making breakfast for the Patrons of Brunswick street. We need 10 volunteers to help us ring in Canada's birthday helping others.

Monday, July 1st, 2019 at 05:45 AM 


Wise Group will be offering CPR and First Aid training with instructor Kim Mundle at a reduced cost. 

You can register to be in one of our private group lessons or to be included in of her normally offered lessons.

There are more dates than listed, contact us for more information.


Cooking Through Culture is Wise Group’s new series of fundraising events. We will be hosting a series of cooking classes teaching how to cook foods from various cultures from people who grew up cooking and eating them.

More information will be coming out including a schedule of dishes, so stay tuned!


1 MILLION FOR 1 MILLION is a project we have dreamed up that will see us collecting at least 1 bottle for every 1 resident of Nova Scotia and having them recycled with the proceeds going to support our growth as a non-profit organization and our ongoing endeavours in the community.

This is an ongoing campaign so please, reach out to us on through our Facebook page, our website wisegroupcanada.ca or text us at 902-800-9996 if you are interested!


Every year we work to help keep those on the street comfortable and safe. In the winter we work to provide them with sleeping bags and winter clothing while in the spring/summer we work to provide weather resistant clothing and things to help with the heat.


First impressions are important when you walk into a job interview how you present yourself matters. But not everyone can afford to spend their money on haircuts, we have partnered with a local barber to give haircuts to those in need so they can present try and better themselves without having to worry about their appearance starting an interview off on the wrong foot.​


Wise Groups first workshop offering with Dr. Zaki a local psychiatrist. This workshop on coping with depression is to become an ongoing series in the future Wise talk project. 

More on the Wise Talk project will be coming out soon!


In partnership with Canadian Blood Services, we are hosting a blood drive in the North End. 

Blood transfusions are essential to save lives from car accident victims to leukemia patients. A leukemia patient may need up to 8 transfusions a week to battle the disease. While a healthy person can donate up to 6 times a year (1)​.


Join us for the first Wise Zumba fundraising event! 
This event is open to the first 25 people to register with the price of a cash donation upon entry. So join us and work up a sweat to some sweet rhythms!

The event will be on Saturday, June 22 at the Canada Games Centre from 11:45 to 12:45.